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Dilema of Iphone App Development Companies


iPhone application development companies have a new dilemma to face Q4 2012. Windows 8. How is this related you ask? Well, in the fine world of application development the words Native Apps and portable apps work like money andApp Developers Dilema the benefits follow. While iPhone users can boast about using higher quality apps than any other mobile OS, their apps are exclusively native and everyone else with Android and Windows is enjoying a combination of apps together with their friends and families. While iPhone application development companies work to bring integration, connectivity and social elements to their apps, most iPhone apps are still pretty much only workable on iPhones and their Android and Windows variants are much more customizable. Perhaps it’s time Apple let development go a little wild?

Which brings us to the one of the most confusing issues in app development which is Cross-platform apps. Will my app work on my browser, my iPad and my Android phone all together? Maybe it would, maybe it won’t. while Android users can easily boast about their apps being absolutely cross-platform compatible, workable over any device, iOS and even Blackberry users have to find apps that allow integration so they can get the cross-platform apps experience.

iPad app developers have their eyes on the big prize for next year. Care to take a guess what’s in store for tablets next year? The biggest bet is on working, fully functional hardware controls like a console on tablet and the second more wish-listed feature so far is the location based apps interface. iPad app developers have a better chance at having a go at this and winning than anyone else, solely because of the Apple loyalty that will gives them the room to experiment with different interfaces over multiple devices. That should bring about next gen connectivity apps from Apple soon.


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